Akrobatik – Ak To The Future Lyrics

It’s time to start – goin’ off, goin’ off (go off)
Roll up on your city like the Trojan Horse
These rappers is Nickelodeon soft
Ak’s back for more homie, simply took some sodium off the diet
You’re in tune to the one man riot – Ak
Integrity intact, ‘cause you can’t buy it back
And though many will deny the fact
It’s a lot of rappers wishing that y’all would have said ‘goodbye’ to Ak
Not yet – too many verses I ain’t dropped yet
Hotness – it’s the monster Dread Lock Ness
I ain’t here to ride the pop set or cop jets
I’m a microphone fiend repping hip-hop vets
General stripes: salute that!
It’s time to get the medical wipes when I pollute that skin
With the acid that I’m spitting from within
My cyborg chest cavity – my flows test gravity
It’s no sense grabbing me, I’m radioactive
Ak be clearin’ up the game like acne – name me Proactive
Blame me for actin’ out of this world but, see, I’ve been there and back
Call me crazy, but I’ve been hearing that shit
And I ain’t fearin’ jack shit, when you’re hearin’ Ak spit
It’s like Negro spirituals re-enacted
Deep wisdom like teeth that’s impacted
Peep rhythm – murdering beats I have mastered
I guess that makes Ak an assassin, a human Mac and I’m blastin’
Right through these tracks – I hope your seat belts are fastened
Cause once the heat’s felt, there’s no masking the pain
When they’re collecting the remains and their asking the name – tell em
A to the motherf**kin’ K, homeskillet
He’s growing stronger – rap’s void he’s gon’ fill it
With these lyrics that be militant raw – Many were hittin’ before
But most of them had one significant flaw
That good livin’ kept them from focusing on diligence more
And they forgot the reason that people was listenin’ for
Black Dialogue, I showed you back with Lif in ‘04
If you were sleeping then, well, now you’re gonna listen for sure- let’s go!

Let’s go for those that don’t know
This is Ak to the future, no DeLorean
Let’s go for those that don’t know – know
This is Ak to the future – that’s right
Let’s go for those that don’t know
This is Ak to the future, no DeLorean
Brace yourself, for the main event
I’m back – better than ever – and I’m just gettin’ warm

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