Alex Isley – My Theme Lyrics

Cold game, cold game
You playing love like an old game
And I’m a flame, i’m a flame
Heart burning like a bright flame

Still the same for you, for you
If I try to tell you any different, don’t believe me
I won’t change for you, for you
Maybe I’ll pretend but it’s only temporary, Yeah

So tell me what I want
I want you to say I’m in your dreams
Give you what you want
Because to this very day, you’re in my dreams
Baby you’re my theme
You’re the main idea (you)

Daybreak, somehow, thinking everything is [?] now
It’s crazy how that works, huh? (But it don’t work for me)
Imagination likes to fool me vividly
I’ll tell ya, I’m pretty sure reality (pretty sure reality)
Is better (is better)
Maybe we can talk about now
Maybe I’ll mention forever, so I can live it out all over again

Never mind your mistakes, pick it up from the place we were
I wish that we’re okay, I wish that was the case, babe (tell me what I want, yeah)
I want you to say, I made your dreams baby (still working on this)

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