Alex Isley – The Other Side Lyrics

[Verse 1]:
Today is brighter than a beam, I’m beamin’ brighter than the sun.
Because the way you look at me is making me assured and proud of all that we’ve become…
I’m letting go of yesterday, and all the weekends that I’ve cried.
And now I’m opening the curtains to my waist so I can let another morning, light..

Gravity pulls me in, and my feelings trip me out.
Stronger than any doubt, I’ve had in my past.
I’d limit what I could do, if I wasn’t here for you.
And you here for me.
I’m sure about us and this..

This is how it feels? So good yeah.
And I’m loving like I can’t defy, Yeaaah..
This is cause its real, So good yeah.
And I’m lovin’ like I owe the time

I’ll keep on, Keep on. Keep on (x7)

[Verse 2]:
Better than any fantasy, Deeper than marrying of a soul.
Its kinda like my favorite story, amazing look at how it beautifully unfolds.
Love you forever truth be told, and I can never really hide that this is so much greater.
I need nothing more than you and I.
I know what I wanna say, but I’ll never know the way, to make you understand, how far I will go.
I guess all that I could do, is offer a heart to you, and its yours to keep.
I’m sure about us and this..

This is how it feels, So good yeah.
And I’m loving like i can’t defy, yeah.
This is cause it’s real, so good yeah.
And I”m loving like I owe the time.

I’ll keep on, keep on. (Repeat)

Baby there’s nothing better (x16)
I’ll keep on…..

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