Anderson .Paak & Knwxledge – Fkku (Yes Lawd! Album) letras

(I do love you)
Fuck you, fuck you and you stink
You funny, rank looking ass, ugly A (I do love you)
I hope they come up with a new ass whopping just for you
That some scientist’s gather a group
And they do research, need tax dollars and everything (I do love you)
In a secret lab and they test and the product and it develops
Every little thing to find a new and inventive way to whoop your ass
That’s what I hope
(I do love you)
I hope there’s a new way to put my foot up your ass one day
We got fucking talking watches now and I hope they come up
That as soon they have the funds, they have a new way to whoop your ass (I do love you)
I hope somebody comes into your house and pisses all over everything
And haphazardly their piss is very flammable
And they light that bitch up and your house burns to the ground (I do love you)

[Verse: Anderson .Paak]
I’ve been close to moving you out the way but I still love you (I still love you)
Sometimes you drive a nigga crazy, but I still fucks with you (I really do)
This is the new season
Might have to peel that sticker off man

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