Icewear Vezzo – Up The Sco Lyrics (feat. Lil Durk)

[Intro: Icewear Vezzo] Tweakin', get to tweakin' on this bitch Yeah, hmm Hmm, still ain't even though, nigga Hmm, yeah We gon', we gon' get even, oh yeah Alright, hmm, hmm [Pre-Chorus: Icewear Vezzo] Yeah I got that heat on me (I got that heat on me) Gotta watch how I be movin' 'cause they

Priscilla Block – Wish You Were The Whiskey Lyrics

Stupid static buzzing in through the stereo Smoke blowing in through the patio I'm right where I was just a week ago Bartender sliding me a double Of Jameson, strong, something I've been missing Got me feeling good and believeing Believing I'm forgetting the taste The burn, the sting of you leaving [Pre-Chorus] I'm right

Reza Pishro – Finish Him Lyrics

حضور من برکت طلاست ولی حیف حالا عظمت اَناست رو به بالا توی زندونم دعا کردم که خدا بهت رحم کنه بشی معاف از رزم حضور من برکت طلاست ولی حیف حالا عظمت اَناست پسر بدون کسی رو نمیشه راضی کرد مخصوصا اونی که خودشو زده به خوابی تلخ اخه اژدهایی رد نمیشه اشتباهی زد

Curly Savv – 50 Shots Lyrics (feat. G Herbo)

[Intro: Curly Savv] Eastside demons, Melo Glock, Glock [Chorus: Curly Savv] Free all my niggas remanded, I know that opps can’t stand us Boy, you got hit, your mans got put in the spliff for dissin’ the millars Clip full of 50 shots, we up that shit like cannons [?] many top opps, these niggas movin’ scary Pop out, Flossy

Brockhampton – What’s The Occasion? Lyrics

[Chorus: Joba] A million little pieces all add up to nothing lately Swim within my bedsheets, it's something like a celebration What's the occasion? What's the occasion? [Verse 1: Matt Champion] I know my sweat like cologne, see the houses like Rome If I can swallow my pride, will you admit when you wrong? I