Business Insider learned about Kyiv’s refusal from American and Turkish drones

Russian electronic warfare and air defense systems jam and shoot down aircraft, so it is inefficient to use them, experts told the newspaper. Instead, Kyiv asks the West to supply the country with modern fighters, claims the portal

Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) have become less likely to use Turkish and American drones due to their ineffectiveness against Russian air defense (AD) systems, Business Insider writes citing Ukrainian servicemen and experts .

Experts interviewed by the publication believe that drones are ineffective, since Russian electronic warfare (EW) and air defense systems quickly detect and shoot them down.

Ukraine uses American Switchblade and Phoenix Ghost drones in the war zone, the portal estimates the cost of each of them at several thousand dollars. Also, Washington was going to transfer hand-held Puma drones to the Ukrainian authorities, wrote The Washington Post. Turkey supplies Bayraktar TB2 drones to Kyiv, the cost of which, according to Business Insider, fluctuates between $1 and $2 million.

In addition, the United States was going to send MQ-1C Gray Eagle reconnaissance and strike drones to Ukraine, Reuters wrote, citing three sources. The portal estimates their cost at $10 million. According to its data, Kyiv requires the US and its allies to supply the Ukrainian military with modern fighter jets instead of drones.

Ukraine has been buying Turkish Bayraktar TB2 since 2019. UAVs can be used both day and night, they are equipped with laser guidance systems. The combat load of one device consists of four missiles with a range of up to 8 km (for some modifications up to 16 km).

Switchblade— it's a “kamikaze drone,” as they call it in the Pentagon. They are loitering ammunition. loitering ammunition— it is a drone with an integrated warhead that can fly for a long time over the battlefield, and after detecting a target, destroy it by diving like a guided missile. USA developed Phoenix Ghost tactical drones specifically for Ukraine. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said they provide the same capabilities as the Switchblade, but there are some differences between the models. Exactly what the difference is, Kirby didn't specify.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Mersey, Baku: taxes you have to pay when moving to Azerbaijan Articles Pro How companies won lawsuits with employees thanks to KEDO: three cases and Toxic People How To Pro 11 Gadgets That Help Improve Sleep It's time to “buy the bottom” or it's ahead – expert opinions Forecasts :632,"abs_y":2365}”>The governors of the Russian regions bordering Ukraine regularly report downed drones of her army. In mid-June, the Rostec State Corporation it was said that Russian electronic warfare left the Ukrainian troops without “eyes and ears”. These systems fight drones by suppressing control and data transmission channels between the operator and the drone, as well as satellite navigation. In turn, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Russian military uses the Palantin electronic warfare system, which “drops” Ukrainian drones and strikes devices pointwise, and not with a “directed beam”.

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