Desdamona – Faulty Fuses – Tripped Lyrics

{“Common sense will tell you that it’s just not the right time”}

[Chorus: Desdamona]
I don’t want, no relationship
To trip on my, faulty fuses
I just want, to be who I am
Without fear, for the force of your hand

I don’t want, none of this, touch me, I might get pissed
Turn around, now shut the door, I got my gun so hit the floor
You’re not welcome any more, no you’re not welcome
Tempted I was so ignorant, walked in insignificant
Signed my name on dotted line, now sittin here, doin time
This life got me trapped again, when will I learn so I can win
Stole your breath your stole my heart now in my mind we’re not apart
You killed my soul, you had to die, behind these bars I sit and cry


Yo bitch is what led to this, but most of all I miss your kiss
Wish you would come back to me, but this is how it has to be
You put your hands around my neck and when I spoke you threatened death
I became so terrified, when I looked into your eyes
This is what your hate creates, I became your last mistake
Once you saw it was too late you beat me down to seal your fate
Now here I am to pay the price, used to be your lovely wife
So your life has been erased but in my mind I see yo’ face


Now the guards they violate me, I thought somehow I was set free
In this world I have no peace, there is no escape for me
I used to live, on the outside, I caught the peer of every eye
Could not – walk down the street, they would always throw lines at me
I could not dress the way I pleased, cause the fault was placed on me
You look at me like I’m diseased, so you want me on my knees
Until you come to see the light, your life will be eternal night
Wish I could have seen the signs, next time down I’ll win the fight


I don’t want, I don’t want
I don’t want, faulty fuses
I just want, I just want
I just want, to be who I ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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