Desdamona – Infinity Lyrics

Infinity, Infinite-I
When I die, they’re going to call me the light
From the way that I do to the things that I write
The legacy I leave is bright, right

Lyrical oracle here to peer at you
Miracle digital clear, dialing through
Pivotal ritual pure, I give to you
I be the sun radiate, I’m shining through
None like Des she be original
Singular sensation not your typical
Where I’m from I am the pinnacle
I stand alone

Mystical critical birthed into the true
Seminal radical sincere in every move
Actual factual I hear the fear in you
Transformer retractactable convertible, cool
Shape shift adaptable, now invisible
So diverse I leave MCs miserable
Influence sustain depth immeasurable
Against the grain
Born a pure rebel

Disciplined disciple, indestructable
Millennium arrival, the untouchable
Powerful, sensual, yes, incredible
Microphonic history it’s impeccable
Radical thinker on a musical level
Bring the fat bass rock steady the treble
Ears susceptible, one twenty decibel
Def, inevitable
Sound bytes be edible

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