Desdamona – Planetarium – The Satellite Lyrics

It goes hip cats, baggy pants, skull caps
Minne-apple, First Ave
I’m in the spot, struck by soul shock
I go from jazz, hip hop to hard rock
Lunar blast for you kittens and cats
It ain’t where I’m from, but here is where I’m at
Future mindstate, present to past
Step into the moody groove and just relax

[Verse 1]
I borrowed from the marrow bone it’s all about respect
Can’t leave the vibe alone don’t want you to forget
That we own none of this just here to admire
Music makes me feel alive step into the fire
They battle to the death my fight is for the life
I give electric would you turn on the lights
And would you pass on this reverberated vibe
Pass it, pass it
Some people don’t seem to catch the meaning of this
They fall into the beat and can’t resist the kiss
They hear the track but the words, they miss
Feel the beat, so they pump their fist
Never catch the moral because they missed the twist
Never got the jist in the midst of it
Because we fall in love with the melody
Doesn’t matter what they say if the music is sweet

[Verse 2]
See they don’t understand where I’m coming from
The heart is the mind and the mind is numb
I take you by the hand, lead you down the path
My aura’s kind of see through like the ghosts of hip hop past
I give props to the bugs because i be terrestrial
Extra planets in my pocket, yeah
I really dig it when original they
Drop it, drop it
Some mc’s forget what first sparked them to flight
Creation clashed with cash and they forget why they write
Came kicking and screaming, now they fear the fight
Don’t know past this future, rappers lost delight
Took revenge but two wrongs don’t make it right
Used to rock to the break of dawn, now can’t see the light
Watched things fall apart, now can’t keep it tight
Born from intuition, now we lost insight

[Verse 3]
Basement cement sounds filled in from the underground
Fractured anonymity, sunlight symphony
Coughing clouds choke on the melodious smoke
Each soul be a satellite, light blips across the night
Minneap to STP my lyrics are my legacy
Praise to those inspiring, I reach to be a higher being
Eternity desiring, the hurricane she breathes in me
Constellations birthed between
This this this
A tribute to some innovative kids
Visions manifest behind closed lids
Now it should be clear where the funky vibe is
Now it should be clear where the funky vibe lives
I got lyrics in my pocket, ready to rocket
It really ain’t no question just how I’m gonna drop it
I reside and roam inside the sweet dome
Bobbing up and down, crown to headphones

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