Dormant Ordeal – Days That Didn’t Make It Lyrics

I’ve never seen more worthless things to erase
The only dead are these contagious remains
Choked from within
Sometimes the air can be so painful to breathe
Moral bleeds
They’ve only told that all the ends will justify the means… no!
I breathe
Where I stand
Choosing names
To forget
Miles of love
Tons of hate
Here I bleed
Where I am
Hole in the head I need to calm down my mind
Pointless disgust
Escape from truth lead to much greater collapse
Blissfully futile, lobotomized, throw away all
Cannot be left behind
Someday all acts might be considered as lies, lies, lies…
I breathe
Where I stand
Choosing not
To regret
Miles of love
Tons of hate
Here I bleed
Not dead yet
Thousands of thorns collected, trampled and torn
Nothing to mourn, nothing to feel sorry for
I did decide
Mind set on fire – let the flames reach the sky
That didn’t make it through the importance of time

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