Empire Cast – The Clap Back Lyrics

Ha ha ha

You ain’t know
That’s your new thing
Boy that’s old work (old work)
And you ain’t know
Should’ve did your homework
Ha ha

Damn boy that’s your chick
I been hitting that
(any time any day yeah)
She ain’t gone
(love you love you long time)
I bet that freak won’t
(love you love you long time)

[Verse 1]
She on the band wagon
Walk around let pants sag
Pockets too deep
He give you a Gram
Not the whole thing
He too cheap
(I could put it on you)
Nah, you can stay there
You washed up
Get that boy mopped up
This that clap boy
For that whack boy
You ain’t hot
You just a rebound
Trynna get the King’s spot
Put some respect on it
This verse pop, don’t it
If you put a ring on it
Bet I still own it
Just got a new Mack 11
I’m finna use it on Gram
Player I do what I want
You lame, you do what you can

We talking money I’ll blowing bags all night
Just know that she gone do her dance for me all night
Don’t let me catch you around here
Boy, it’s on sight
Next day I’m out of town
I’ll be on flight ha

You you be blowing up her line cause she be throwing me that
(cake cake cake cake)
You you you as soon as you leave
She be sending me a text like
Boy (get over here)

Yeah That’s your new thing
Boy that’s old work
And you ain’t know
Should’ve did your homework
And I ain’t even mad at you
Cause I can still hit that
(everyday everyday)

[Verse 2]
Way too heavy for a weak rapper
With some real hitters
Boy you with them actors
See you with my chick
Boy you can have her
Cause I’m done with her
I already had her
I’m probably where you want to be at
She hit me like
(Oh you like what you see yeah)
Nope I’m done with you
Had my fun with you
Cut you out my plans
Tiana probably still telling you that I’m the man
(the way you do it)
Shorty what you forgot that I hit your spot
Made it hot cause I’m the boss killing
Gram playing captain save a hoe
Well I’m the villain
They telling me it’s go time
I’m ’bout to get ’em


Yeah, get it
What I seek I find, whatever I find I get
Whatever I get I keep
Get it right
Get some new teeth
I’m out


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