Feed Me Jack – Llsr Ciaak Lyrics

Red string tied around your neck, here we are
The only thing we have left

[Verse 1]
So grab the wheel, whatever you feel
The wrong side’s the right place to loosen up
Forget brakes, the edge is almost gone
But we still miss everyone
While our skin burns in the sun
We broke our glass for fun

[Verse 2]
Feet up to fall flat
Nose cold and I plan to attack
The slow sink and then to wake the slap
Folded in your palm
Forget the hour now
Forget the day
I lost my body somewhere
By now, it’s too late
Your skin, it breathes like the depths
From it swept free-floating, black, and aimless
Who could ever wanna make you take it back?

Maybe lying still
Is the only way to live until
We lay weary heads
At the feet of milestones and all the shit we’ve read

I know it’s just as simple as the way you move
I know, I don’t know
I know, I don’t
I know, I don’t know
I know, I don’t

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