General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine complained about the constant damage to American howitzers

Guns are put out of action by return fire

Commander of the Logistics of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Volodymyr Karpenko spoke about regular breakdowns of M777 howitzers supplied by the United States. The general said in an interview with National Defense that the guns regularly fail due to opposition from Russian artillery.

Photo: Global Look Press

Karpenko noted that during the use of American howitzers, the Russian military inflicts serious damage on them with retaliatory strikes. The guns are damaged by fragments from exploding shells.

The General specified that one battery of artillery systems consisted of six M777s. Each time such a battery is used, at least two howitzers receive such damage, as a result of which they have to be taken to the rear or repaired right on the spot. According to Karpenko, such a picture is observed every day.

Karepko also said that the repair and maintenance of such guns is carried out exclusively at the expense of Ukrainian specialists who have received special training abroad.

Formerly the head Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley said that Washington would supply Kyiv with American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems with ammunition by the end of June.

He specified that the United States and allies trained about 60 military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to work with MLRS data, more 420 soldiers were trained to work with M777 howitzers.


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