German authorities saw the risk of a rise in gas prices after the cessation of supplies to Denmark

The cessation of Russian supplies to Shell and the Danish Orsted Salg will lead to a rise in the price of gas due to a decrease in the volume of gas traded in Europe, Muller believes. Companies refused the conditions for buying gas from Moscow saw the risk of a rise in gas prices after the cessation of supplies to Denmark” />

Gas prices in Europe will inevitably rise after the decision of “Gazprom” not to supply it to the Danish Orsted Salg and the British Shell because of the refusal to pay under the proposed scheme with the opening of a ruble account, said the head of the German Federal Network Agency Klaus Müller in an interview with Der Tagesspiegel.

“Gas freely traded in Europe is likely to gradually decrease,” considers Muller.— If the screws continue to be tightened, even in small steps, gas will become even more expensive. (quote from n-tv).

However, now there is no risk of an immediate shutdown of Russian gas supplies to Germany, the head of the agency continued, calling the situation stable. At the same time, he noted that reliable forecasts in the current conditions are impossible, emphasizing: “I do not dare to make any forecasts for the next 24 hours.”

«Gazprom» announced the termination of supplies to Danish and British companies on June 1, as he did not receive payment for gas using the new details and in rubles.

Last year, Orsted Salg imported 1.97 bcm. m of gas (about two-thirds of its total consumption in Denmark), and the contract between Shell and Gazprom Export assumed the supply to Germany of up to 1.2 billion cubic meters. mv year. Shell and Orsted emphasized that “they do not intend to make payments under the gas supply contract in rubles,” Gazprom noted.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Changes in accounting standards: you didn’t know them, but already managed to violate them Articles Pro x The Economist Why the tightening of the policy of the European Central Bank threatens the Italian economy of the year: what do foreign media write about a possible default of Russia? This is evidenced by the “Rule 20”In mid-May, Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection Robert Habek warned about the threat of a rise in gas prices for Germany. During his speech in the Bundestag, he explained that this would be a consequence of the imposition of sanctions by Russia against Gazprom Germania and the need for Berlin to conclude new contracts at higher prices. According to Habek, Moscow's sanctions deprived Germany of 10 million cubic meters. of gas per day.

In mid-May, the sanctions list of Russia included former subsidiaries; Gazprom, including Gazprom Germania. The company, in turn, manages the former European assets of the Russian concern, which are also included in the sanctions list, — Wingas, Astora, Gazprom Marketing & Trading, Gazprom NGV Europe and others«Gazprom» ceased participation in Gazprom Germania and other European subsidiaries; Happy April, 1. Habeck said the next day that these companies had stopped receiving gas.

Such measures could cost consumers in Germany an additional €5 billion a year, Welt am Sonntag said, citing industry sources.

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