Glue – Elbow Room Lyrics

I've got a million reasons to end your fantasy
Dragging you out of your housewife reality
The venom is sucked up by the wind's suction
Constructed with the delicate etiquette function
The mission starts now with the power of the alphabet
Breaking your ear drums with patterns that are intricate
All this, to send some energy your way
Molding you impressionable mind just clay
Hey, when I'm on the stage minutes spin backwards
Charming you snakes with unusual rap words
You heard the attempts to wreck your set
Well now watch the glue dry and place your bets
In the attempt to get a rep you might get slayed
Depending on the mood or how the beat was played
My hand to eye is quicker than your reply
To get the audience asking for a new supply
Of the dynamic combo of adeem and dq

But with maker on the beats we form GLUE
Cause we got that type of feeling that's good for you
Healing your pain and seeing it through
So for the next 30 mins to let your mind drift
Start throwing your elbows in the orchestra pit
And if you like the vibe and the noise level high
Tell the soundman he is keeping is right
My affiliations are all glue related
Changing the opinions of those who player hated
Put everything together and what do you got?
The power to devour every opened minded listener and rock your entire spot
So bounce or stay still, yell or just chill
Keep up the momentum as we go down hill
The three piece sounds cape raiding your crates
Shaking the world and painting your face, Then dq scratches like a friggin animal

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