Hannah Marcus – Osiris In Pieces Lyrics

Osiris in pieces
Into the screen he stares
And he builds his little cities
Where they don’t need any air
And he lights his glass pipe
And swivels in his chair
And snickers as he says
What if I never
What if I never

Maybe you can be the one
To fluff up his soul
To pick up all the shards
To stuff up the holes
Maybe you can be the one
To put it all together
King warrior magician lover
Motherf**ker whatever
Motherf**ker whatever

Oh, I can see your plumber crack
As you ride off on your bike
You don’t look back
Go on speed off in a snit
Go off and suck your crystal tit
You can’t fire me ’cause I

Ship’s so full of holes
It won’t be long before it sinks
And your heart’s not made of stone
It’s made of shit and man it stinks
I’m long done choking
On your sugar­ coated disrespect
I’d like to rip your f**king throat out
And plant a tree inside your neck

A tree inside your neck
Crank magic meltdown
Could this be my last
Crank magic meltdown?
Could this be my last round?
Magic meltdown…

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