Henry Lin – Recently Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Recently, been struggling to keep it intact
Keep a smile for the show, but grown fatigued and I’m taxed
From pretending I’m fine, slowly learn to detach
Believe I’m trying my hardest not to slip through the cracks
Heart hollow, this pill is hard to swallow the fact
When it happens back to back, is it something I lack?
Used to holding onto the optimism and dragged
‘Til I’m tattered as a second choice then tossed like the trash
They convinced that I am
And that’s the way I think these days
Pessimistic, and can’t trust a thing she saying
Boilerplate phrases seeing through an empty gaze
Clarity, only when I’m strolling through this evening haze
Of pill bottles, refill of the pain
But this sorrow is a sickness I can’t seem to contain
So I distance away from everyone that I’d burden
But when I did girl, really I was wishing you’d stay

[Verse 2]
But she ain’t feeling the same
Just another cold shoulder ’bout to ghost like the rest
What the f**k I expect
Any different
Was her interest just politeness misread
Guess there’s no one else but myself to blame in the end (true)
Had thought with those before that I’d be prepared
When she said what she said
But I knew what she meant
I’m bad at playing pretend, wishing you both all the best from a distance
But I’m slipping, I can’t do this again
I’m sorry

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