Jackboy – C Class Lyrics

New jack city shit man

Swag check bag check
Dead fresh put hoes to rest
Park the lex jump out with techs
Aim for heads they might wore vests
She want sex I just want neck
She chase fame I chase checks
I chase cash I chase bags
I’m the shit I act a ass
Rob the plug without a mask
Was in need guy took my last
f**k a 50-pack stick up kid
Bitch I play with straps
Rather rob the track head first
Need my money fast
Kamikaze jack head first
Wodie bout to crash
Hoes in check captain of the boat
Throw ya over deck
Free lil dj when he touchdown
We gone overflex
Bitches overstrech boss up
First I share my stack
Hoes drop that neck I was straight
You don’t need no rest
We don’t need no rest C class
f**k dat percocet
Ain’t talking cash nigga can’t
Neve much send a text
Can’t neve much flex
Lately I been touchin wet
Can’t neve much stress
Lately I been gettin paid

We don’t need no rest C class
f**k dat percocet (x4)
Swag check bag check (x4)

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