Jackboy – In The Trenches Lyrics

Doo doo doo doo
I’m really loaded, I’m turnt up
I’m in the trenches, man

f**k her and her momma, I’m a mother f**ker
Street pharmacist, neighbourhood hustler
Told her that I love her, but I still don’t trust her
I’m a bastard, my daddy been a buster
If I see that nigga, chopper sing like Usher
f**kin’ samurai, daddy I’mma cut ya
Night light, yellow diamonds shine the city
Boy get off your ass, and go and get it
Lord forgive me, for my sin money
Messin’ up, kickin’ doors in money
Paper chaser, addicted to that fast money
Put down that Coach bag, get you some first class money
I want your head first, somethin’ like a crash dummy
I’m a walkin’ lick, bitch I got that cash on me
Got that boot in me, I got the juice with me
Yeah the coupe tinted, got lil shooter in it
I’m a rollin’ stone, molly got my mind gone
Your bitch rode me, her friend wanna ride along
I be goin’ hard, call me Viagra
Grab the mic, then catch the holy ghost like I’m a pastor
I preach
Swimmin’ in the money, trips overseas
With a foreign bitch, sex on the beach
MVP, I never had a bad year
Lately, I’ve been touchin’ paper like a cashier
Gotta earn ya spot, nobody ain’t put me here
Had to play the block, when nobody played it fair
Ran up a check, left you niggas in the rear
Once you get them bands, all your problems disappear
Ooh, how you came up like that?
Tell me how you f**ked the game up like that?
First place, but I started last on the track
I’m in your city, puttin’ my city on the map

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