Jackboy – Ready Or Not Lyrics

You know
Life like that shit just comes at you
If you are ready or not

Ready or not
I’m dumping off shots
Cause everytime i step in the booth
I spit like a Glock
If this rapper start working
Imma slay me some rocks
Lego man stack it up have blocks on blocks
Jump out the porch got tired of feelin like a left out
Lil nigga big pride walkin with my chest out
I’m the man hoes f**kin just to get a lil clout
I don’t gotta say too much for her to give her a lil mooth
See this rap shit i’m true to it
Even though im new to it
Flow gott’em feelin like a nigga been doin’ it
Might turn up bust down on my jewelery instead of cutting a check with a bitch who thinks she fooling me
I’m not enough with the buffoolery or
Should I say f**kery why spend a check on you
You don’t mean that much to me
Pocket full of money wish a nigga try me oh ya ya
.40 make em back up off me
Or grab the shotty aim it at your body
I’m the type a nigga that I’ll rob your whole party
I’m the type of nigga if we beef I’ll grab your shorty
Rock his ass to sleep put’em down early
2 live for live hoe I just want your mouth hoe
Gotta turnt nuther level , viral cut pussy hoe
Viral cut pussy hoe wifey that’s a no go keep it on the low low Your nigga coming through front I stumble out the back door
Was off the porch was playin on the steps
On a stoner cart got tired of peddlin
And next me finessin for a check
Me in from the get pull a no fight
We dumpin at your set
Free my nigga they don’t like to see him winnin
P.o bitch want him in penitentiary
Lord knows they hate it when he made a million
Now I understand the meaning of tunnel vision
Bout to make a killing go on a hit spree
Up the prices start robbing legitimately
Act a ass shit who shited on me
Was on my lonely I ain’t have a homie
I’m a dog babyI just want a bone
Ain’t tryna f**k in the car guess you walkin home
Pop a C class now I’m finally in my zone
Richer than yo daddy baby girl my money grown

(pop pop a C class now I’m finnaly in my zone
Richer than yo daddy baby girl my money grown
Pop pop a C class now I’m finnaly in my zone
Richer than yo daddy baby girl my money grown)
Class in session man , I’m Rollin in the school zone man
You know a nigga just 10 toes out here man nigga just
Standing firm staying solid know what I’m sayin shit be crazy
A nigga make it through it…

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