Jackboy – Vakabon Lyrics

Feel like yesterday I was just f**kin broke
Now I got the teype of paper niggas kill for
Type of paper your own momma steal for
Type of paper make your friends think you sold your soul
No I ain’t selling shit but some coke
Or some TVs I robbed a nigga house for
Seen a grown man turn into a real hoe
From a strap with a dick that’s a dildo
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
I be head first run the streets all day til my legs hurt
Beefing with me read that boy a bible verse
Cause I’m that nigga that’ll come and kill him in a church
Oh no if he slips his ass going to heaven
Bless him with a shot from a deadly weapon
Stretch him played foul so I had to tec him
Lil nigga big heart you can call me Kevin
Lil nigga played it smart threw away the gun
Cause I chased him broad day run forest run
I be riding with the zoes who’ll shoot for fun
f**k you and your clique we ain’t seeing none
Bought a glizzy with a drum I can get it litty
Big clip hanging like an old bitch titties
I’m cranking up on these niggas vroom vroom hear me
Dumping shots at these niggas boom boom semi
Did another bitch dirty that was my fault
Used to tell her that I love her that was jail talk
3 racks for my shoes plug walk
3 racks I’m the dude get him knocked off
Popped off on a boot bitch I’m rolling
f**ked up in a Beamer but it’s stolen
Wildin I came from the islands
Had a dollar to my name went to robbing
(Had a dollar to my name went to robbing
Had a dollar to my name went to plotting
Had a dollar to my name went to robbing
Had a dollar to my name went to plotting)

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