Jeff Rosenstock – The Fuzz lyrics

I can’t stand feeling violent
But it’s hard not to sometimes
When the innocent get slaughtered
And the guilty get a fine
When I drown myself in chemicals
Do I even have a choice?
And if you scream and no one hears you
Are you even making noise?

We don’t need to be coddled or to be told life is fair
By an omnipresent army with a power to be feared
So as we time out half-assed platforms
As the victims form a line
Will the Riot Squad Protection Force
Ever try to fight for life?
All I want to do is hold you
But I’m afraid I’ll squeeze too tight
Until the energy leaves your body
And the tears fall from your eyes

All I want to do is hold you
And I’m gonna squeeze you tight
Until I feel your heart restarting
I’ll bring the joy back to your life

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