Jeff Rosenstock – …While You’re Alive lyrics

When you’re a ghost, they’ll sit around
And talk about how they liked you the most
When you’re a dream, I’ll wake up
To warm sun-rays that make me want to scream
I wanna let you know while you’re alive
Because everybody loves you want you die
But when it matters, they’re not there
Not there

When love is dead
We’ll remember gentle nudges keeping us in bed
Or laughing at funerals, queasy at carnivals
Listening to heartbeats slowing down as we keep growing old
I gotta let you know while you’re alive
Cause I’ll be a disaster when you die
Chubby body, no hair, don’t care
It’s not like the love that they showed us on T.V
It’s a home that can burn
It’s a limb to freeze
It’s worry

Love is worry

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