David Bowie – 20th Century Boy (Feat. Placebo) letras

Friends say it’s fine Friends say it’s good Everybody says it’s just like Robin Hood I walk like a rat Crawl like a cat Sting like a bee Babe I’m gonna be your man And it’s plain to see You were meant for me Yeah, I’m your toy Your 20th Century boy Friends say it’s

Trey Songz – Monster Triggamix letras

Monster motherfucka you know I’ve been one of them niggas so shady cause you know i been sunning them. (repeats) Irrational methods I will trashing you in seconds Wait until your spirit rises Then ask for your blessing I’m insane I’m deranged boncker blanka Nigger you should know That I’m a mother fucker monster I’m

The Swimming Pool Q’s – She’s Bringing Down The Poison letras

She’s screamin’ like a phone off the hook too long And, there’s a bottle on the shelf She knows it’s strong You think you’re immune But, you’ll find out real soon She’s bringin’ down the poison She’s bringin’ down the poison, Boy Don’t play around with poison Don’t play around with poison, Boy Checkin’ it

Lemon Demon – Marketland letras

Market Town. What a doozy walking ’round With all these putrid people everywhere. “You’ve gotta buy this!” Screams a whiskey stinking vermin vendor Holding up a rotten pear. But I hold on to my dollar, Looking all around me. In this place, I hide my face, But dirty people hound me. Market Street. I could

The Beloved – If Pennies Came From Heaven Could Kark Marx Have Been Mistaken? letras

oh my darlings jean and rita life couldn’t be much sweeter swinging all around you see what this country’s made of me until yesterday i’d thought the best things in life are bought strange when you’re led by the nose through restaurants in evening clothes through restaurants in evening clothes but i’m tired of these

Céline Dion – Plus Haut Que Moi letras

(Eddy Marnay/Ken Cummings/Mark Blatte) J’étais seule sur une île Sans étoiles, sans violon Et je flottais dans cette ville Dans l’ennui des jours toujours trop long Dans ce désert où les hivers venaient nous prendre Des passants passaient sans jamais nous entendre Et c’est là quand on se croit le plus désepéré Qu’à travers la

Mullmuzzler – Venice Burning letras

Sometimes life can be so damn cold When the verdicts in The streets were alive The night falling down around On the prowl again Catlike moves The pain betrays the smile Delicate and sad A rage of tears subsides Reality fades into the mask Then the hunger takes control Once the hunted in for the

Nivea – Dont Mess With My Man letras

featuring Brian and Brandon Casey Brian/Brandon Casey: Uh, I like it baby (yeah) Uh, one time for the club (ye-eah) Two time for my thugs, uh-huh Three times for my ladies, come on, come on, come on (ooh, oh) Uh, Nivea y’all.. Jagged Edge youall… (oooh) Uh-uh, Jagged Edge you all Nivea: It was hard

Stevie Nicks – Listen To The Rain letras

Well you’re a front liner… You put it all on the line And you’re a gambler… You turn lucky every time Ooh, you’re consistent… Hey, and that’s good And you’re persistent… Well I am overcome Well you’re not like anyone else (You’re not like anyone) You’re just an instant flash of light That shines through