Meatbodies – Scavenger Lyrics

Keep me up, dead by light.
Call me up, call it trite.
You know I’m lonely, the stones keep rolling.
Sisyphus had it right, tonight.


Pick your teeth with my bones.
Deliver me far from home.
My one & only, or so you told me.
Fill me with silicon, you know..

That you’re a
Scavenger. x4

The only one you’ll know..


Dash me against the stones.
Leave me dead on the road.
Without a warning, it’s Sunday morning.
Ignore the pleas on your phone, you know..

That you’re a
Scavenger . x8

The only one you’ll know.

Violent time is marching on
Violent time is marching on(x3). x2


Ahh. x4

Scavenger. x8

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