Ministry of Internal Affairs put editor-in-chief on wanted list

Journalist Andrey Soldatov appeared in the wanted list of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. His Russian accounts are blocked, and the case number almost completely matches the case of journalists Naka and Leviev, who were accused of discrediting the military, Soldatov claims

Andrey Soldatov

The Ministry of Internal Affairs put on the wanted list the journalist, editor-in-chief of the website and the author Andrey Soldatov’s card about the Russian special services, his card appeared in the database of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The published data of the ministry does not specify under which article Soldatov was put on the wanted list.

The journalist himself said in Telegram that all his accounts in Russian banks were under arrest. The case was opened on March 17, and the main investigation department of the Investigative Committee is conducting it, Soldatov suggested.

RBC sent a request to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to Soldatov, his case number “differs by several digits”; from the case of the ex-journalist “Echo of Moscow” Michael Nucky and founder of the Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) Ruslan Leviev. Both are accused of spreading false information about the actions of the Russian military.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs put Naka on the wanted list in mid-May. Sources of TASS and Kommersant they said that a case was opened against him for discrediting the Russian army (part 2 of article 207.3) with grave consequences. This threatens with the ultimate measure of punishment— imprisonment for up to 15 years. In court, the agency was clarified that Navi is being accused in a criminal case together with Leviev.

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Conflict Intelligence Team after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine covered the events of the conflict, in particular the fighting in Mariupol. Naki and Leviev are abroad now.

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