Moskalkova told Putin about concern for prisoners in Ukraine

There is no information about the condition of the captured Russian military, Moskalkova requested data from the Red Cross. According to the Ombudsman, she received more than 3 thousand appeals in defense of the rights of citizens and the military, violated by Kyiv

Vladimir Putin and Tatyana Moskalkova

Commissioner for Human Rights Tatyana Moskalkova presented a report to President Vladimir Putin on her activities, spoke about the work to protect the rights of refugees from Ukraine and Russian military personnel, the Kremlin reports.

«Tatyana Moskalkova also spoke about her work on returning from captivity Russian military personnel and to ensure the rights of citizens who arrived from the DPR, LPR and Ukraine”, — the message says.

Moskalkova said that since the beginning of the military operation, she had received more than 3 thousand appeals in defense of the rights of citizens and military personnel violated by Ukraine. “Thanks to the Ministry of Defense, measures have been taken to restore violated rights,” — said the Ombudsman.

She told Putin that the International Committee of the Red Cross had not informed Moscow about the visits to captured Russian soldiers, which she said was a matter of concern. “We do not have information on how the control over compliance with international norms and rules is carried out with respect to our servicemen who find themselves in this situation,” — noted the Ombudsman.

Moskalkova also spoke about visiting Ukrainian prisoners of war in Sevastopol and noted that their rights are fully respected.

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According to the Ombudsman, a large number of truckers, sailors and other people who “turned out to be like hostages” turned to her office. because of the fighting in Ukraine. Moskalkova said that as a result of the dialogue with Kyiv, 45 truckers, 36 sailors, crew members of four ships, as well as employees of the Rosatom enterprise returned to Russia.

to the head of the ICRC, Peter Maurer, with a request to provide information about Russian prisoners of war and help with their visit. She pointed out that relatives did not know about their condition. After that, the Red Cross Committee promised to provide a response to Moskalkova's request as soon as possible and announced a constructive dialogue with her.

Earlier, Moscow and Kyiv reported several exchanges of prisoners of war, as well as the release truckers and sailors held in Ukraine. At the end of April, the Ombudsman stated that Kyiv had returned all truckers whose return the Russian side demanded, including citizens of Belarus. However, the cars and the goods they transported were not handed over.

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