Mr. Shadow – Sound Of My Heata Lyrics

[Daz Dillinger] Yeah
Young Daz and Shadow
[Mr. Shadow] Ha ha
[Daz Dillinger] What’s up
[Mr. Shadow] What’s up, Daz
[Daz Dillinger] Ah, you know, mayne, just co-west-coastin’
[Mr. Shadow] That’s right
[Daz Dillinger] Doin’ it up like a G, yo
[Mr. Shadow] You know
Mr. Shadow (Shadow)
Daz Dillinger (Daz Dilli)
E-Dubb (E-Dubb)
L.B.C. to S.D

[Verse 1: Mr. Shadow]
Who’s the last man standin’ with my nuts in my hand
Making all you fools blow me from C-A to Japan
Understand, you can’t touch this
Bitches love this
Bald-headed fool with tatoos, I’m the roughest
Sickest hit-maker in the industry
Shit can get thick if you think you can get with me
You silly guppies
Let your nuts hang
Ch-ch-BANG! Cause we ain’t from the same gang
I stay ghetto
Pack stainless metal
I’m back, cuttin’ no slack, direct from San Diego
It all get settled
Heavy or not
The other side gets got whether they’re ready or not
So stay away from the spot
You’ll get surrounded by crooks
And get took if you try to book
You dumb f**k, ha
What’d you expect?
It’s unexpected
You slippin’ in your own hood, so respect it

Chorus: Mr. Shadow
Is west coast still better than most
Westside on mind, and representin’ one time
That’s the sound of my heater when the ill stuff, jump

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Daz Dillinger]
I’m from the
Home of the hoo-riders with gangsta attires
Fillas and 501’s
Swoopin’ the 101
Lovin’ the breeze, and countin’ my cheese, man I’m worried about
Nuting young boy When I Ride On My Enemies
C-walkin’, standing picky, ki’ed and G’ed up
Diggy stay shinin’ from the wrist to the feet up
It is what it is, handle your biz and get busy
Holla, holla, holla if you hear me
Being broke as a artist, as starvin’ like Marvin’s were, feel me
I made a million dollar plan independent
Ninety days, ninety ways on how that gangsta shit pays
It get crucial when the mack milli sprays
I hit the gravel as Young Daz and Shadow
You hear me, come and get ya guns and reload your ammo
Everyday is the same thang, police to gang bang
Big sac, crap rocks in with the gold chain

Repeat Chorus Twice

Hook: Daz Dillinger
Can’t, I
Get a heater
Can’t, I
Smoke up your

(Verse 3)
[Mr. Shadow]
First class
First to blast, bitch, don’t you say nothin’
We stay thuggin’, what you know about drug smugglin’
Runnin’ shit on both sides of the fence (Both sides)
Who’s rollin’ within, who’s ridin’ against
Our position gets served, they catch what they deserve
100 round clip til they hit the curve
I flip a bird like it’s nothin’
Shit, I’ll weight the whole
Flock so I can really call it somethin’
For real

[Daz Dillinger]
For 24, I sold the whole thang
No pain, no gain
The double four bang
Swangin’ from left
To right, from right to left
Oh shit
And we rock it to the early light
Oh shit
I rock the party like all night long
Til when, til the early morn’
It don’t stop, and uh
It don’t quit
Diggy Daz and Young Shadow, we be rockin’ that dough shit

Repeat Chorus Twice

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