Novelist – The Ghetto Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I’m in the h double o-d the southeast of the Thames
I reminisce and wish that I could see my Gs again
So many dramas that I had but I done did my best
To keep my people out the cells my life is like a test
Was getting money as a younger G, living nice
I paid no mind I trust in God they tried to take my life
Sometimes I wonder why I felt the tear behind my eye
I felt to tell the tone and make a brother recognise
Ain’t made a sound I never folded had to hold it down
And never turned my back on those I’ve been with from the ground
Still represent the set I love my bruddas but I had
To focus on myself I was a boy now I’m a man
My name is N-o-v my life is deeper than it seems
Raised in the ghetto but still tryna execute my dreams
Steady thinking bout my destiny
I’m steady thinking bout the kids in my community

[Verse 2]
Who would’ve thought I could’ve made it to this age I’m at
If you ain’t lived up in my hood you wouldn’t understand
Was riding solo that’s a fact don’t trust no other man
You see me and i’m on my jacks and it’s been like that
Sometimes I kick back in my whip alone and just reflect
My people need me it’s for real so I watch my step
I see these bruddas think they’re hard but ain’t got no respect
Until they learn the kinda lesson that they won’t forget
Been dodging bullets but you know my G I ain’t a fool
When I was broke again I stopped receiving phone calls
But I’m a smart guy you know I had to make it back
And now they see me saying bro they know it ain’t like that
I’m waking up all dough it looks the same I do my thing
The ends is on my back and say they wanna see me win
I dropped my top I keep it cool and I don’t say a thing
My name is Novelist my G and this is how I live

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