NxWorries – Intro

It’s two thousand and motherfuckin’
You know?
Summertime was hot, we burnt it down
What’s good with these niggas?
Man, all I can say is
The money’s comin’ in and out every month, homie
I’m far away, the fuck back, I got a nice ass Rollie pack
Far away from y’all hating ass niggas
You feel me?
Shit’s real good
My spit game is enhancing
Niggas is taking all types of chances
Wanna dance with the boy?
Nigga, you know y’all can’t fuck with me, man
For real, I got love for you niggas who show love back, man
And then you turn around tryna’ hate on me, man get
Don’t hate on the flow, nigga
The flow is perfucious, nigga
Y’all niggas is scared, I feel it in
I feeel it, you shakin’ in your fuckin’ draws, nigga

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