Rahmaan – Jaaneman Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You make me feel some type of way
All my senses start to gray
So much shit I wanna say
But I can’t even feel my face
I just wanna lay with you, jaaneman
Know that I feel safe with you, jaaneman – yeah
I feel sane with you, jaaneman
I just wanna stay with you til I’m done and gone
You say I talk too much
I needa harden up, my strength is not enough
I shouldn’t call you up, no wait I’ll call you up
Just put you on my tongue
Let you do what you want, yet we’re so on and off
Why we so on and off

[Verse 2]
I know what you did to me
I know that you don’t got no sympathy
I know that you put a whole Jinn in me
I guess that I asked for it, didn’t he?
Slowly I’m losin my synergy
Slowly I’m makin more enemies
Really thought you were my centerpiece
Now we wrapped up in this felony
Pakhi, you spoke to me of God
Whatever you said to me, I thought
That you were my heroin(e) once for all
Somehow you lighted up in the dark
Somehow I felt that we had a spark
You made me so numb and you made me calm
But after the storm, I done talked to God
He told me that everything you said was

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