Rory Fresco – Movie Screens (Mad World Mixtape) letras

[Hook x2]
You gon’ see me on the TV and on the movie screen
Doing things, yeah I’ve been doing things that I’ve always dreamed
That I always dreamed

[Verse 1]
Oh no, baby so long
So long, I been so gone
Put your seatbelt on
Put your seatbelt on
Oh wow, I been so down
Better see me fly and hit the road now
Baby I [?] go now
Hit the road now
Too bad, guess it’s too bad
Rory, [?] what you think is too bad
Tell me will they do that?
Will they do that?
Too long, It’s been too long
I know how much it hurts to see me on
Baby you should move on
You should move on
Long as you there Imma get right
Imma sit tight, Imma fist-fight
All the demons off me
Long as you there Imma keep grinding
Like I was grinding, now my teeth shining
That was good timing
Saw my dawg, he lost it all
I told myself to be more thankful
So I thank you because now I’m on
Imma bring him on the road
There ain’t nothing that I can’t do
I know my grandma proud of me, super proud of me
Turn my dreams into reality, God looked out for me
He looked out for me, yeah he looked out for me
Ain’t no doubt in me, ain’t no doubt in me

[Hook 2]
You got questions, any guestions?
I’ve got blessings, plenty blessings
And I, steady been finessing
Yeah I, steady been finessing
Yeah yeah, finessing through the game
I done made a lane
Finessing through the pain
I done made a change
Finessing through the worst
I done made it work
I’ve been getting all the blessings
I finessed the curse

I can not complain
I can not complain
I can not complain, no
I can not complain
I can not complain
I can not complain

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