Russian Foreign Ministry confirms ban on overflight of Lavrov’s plane

Maria Zakharova said that Montenegro, Bulgaria and North Macedonia thus “closed another communication channel.” However, Russia does not intend to fence itself off with the Iron Curtain, she stressed =”The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed the ban on the overflight of Lavrov's plane” />

Maria Zakharova

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova confirmed that Montenegro, North Macedonia and Bulgaria closed the sky for the overflight of government aircraft carrying the Foreign Minister Affairs Sergei Lavrov. She said this on the air of the Italian TV channel La7.

“Just today, an hour ago, the countries surrounding Serbia closed the communication channel, preventing Sergey Lavrov's flight from flying to Serbia. The Russian delegation was supposed to arrive in Belgrade for negotiations. The member countries of the EU and NATO closed the airspace, closed another communication channel, — Zakharova explained (quote from RIA Novosti).

At the same time, she stated that Russia did not intend to fence itself off with the Iron Curtain.

The refusal of the three countries to let Lavrov's plane, which was supposed to follow to Serbia, became known on Sunday. The Russian minister's visit to Belgrade was scheduled for June 6-7. Lavrov was supposed to meet with President Aleksandar Vučić, Foreign Minister Nikola Selaković, Chairman of the National Assembly (Parliament) Ivica Dacic and Patriarch Porfiry of Serbia. noting that the President himself is dealing with this issue. Vučić, in turn, argued that how Lavrov would arrive in Serbia— “difficult question”.

After that, Interfax citing a high-ranking source in the Russian Foreign Ministry, said that Lavrov's visit to Serbia has been cancelled.

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Against the background of what happened, Vučić planned an address to the nation on Monday.

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