Seekae – Turbine Blue letras

Guess I’m the bad boy now
Still the only one for you
You need me baby want me but my
My loving leaves you turbine blue

Suppose I should just leave town
Now look who’s stalking who
I’ll see you when I see you darling
I’ll see you when it’s overdue

Gonna make that my motto now
I said I’d never screw the crew
But I never felt so peaceful baby
Now I got that ass to chew

I guess she’s my raven now
And not the dove that I’m used to
But I need her and I want her cause her
Her loving leaves me turbine blue

Ask me if I want you
Ask if I want romance but
Ask a stupid question gonna get a stupid answer
cause I’m trying to tell you something true
I need you baby want you cause your loving leaves me turbine blue

If you need me and I’m almost out
Need me and I’m through and through
And we’re spinning as a unit baby
Means you got me in the turbine blue

If you hear me and I’m screaming out
Cause there’s nothing left I could do
Cause we’re finished and I’m naked darling
Now I’m rolling with these turbine blues

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