Staasia Daniels – Shell Life Lyrics

I hope y’all don’t mind if I, slow it down a little bit
Just a little bit

Call me, call me
Call me, call me
Call me
Call me
Oh baby call me
Call me, call me (yeah), call me

In the midnight hour
In the afternoon
When you want my body
You know I want your’s too
When you want me to come over
I’ll be right there every time
Just call me
Call me, call me (call me)

Call me
Oh my, oh my my my
Call me (call me)
Yeah (call me)
Six four seven, eight one nine two, seven one, seven
Call me, call me

I finally finally did it
These are my hidden gems
You can really make it out of any darn situation you been in
And it can be the most beautiful thing you grow through
Setbacks became setups
I detached myself from draining people
The climb really continues from here I’m just
Sticking more to myself

Call me, call me

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