Striker – Believe In Me Lyrics

Listen my people
To these words I have to say
A new time is upon us
There are lives that must be saved
Sickness and evil
A plague through out our land
Brings chaos and hatred
We all must take a stand
We see the times are changing
We are reborn
Our trust has been shattered into pieces
Our minds are tom
Sick and tired
Of the ignorance of fools
Break your shackles
Disobey the rules
Take a minute to disbelieve
What they’re telling you and me
You have the power
Take your life and
Break away
Listen to your soul and cease the day
Break away
Believe in me there is another way
Liars and cheaters
You can see them everywhere
Nothing to check the balance
No one even cares
The rich get richer
The rest of us will die
Our worlds a tragic story
How can we survive

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