Sybyr – Anger No Vanquish Lyrics (feat. Ghostie)

[Verse 1 – Sybyr]
No you can’t tell a nigga never f**kin’ made shit
Basically [?], [?], pussy breakin’ with a satan
The anger no vanquish, i’m speaking English
Ringe boy sicker than a nigga [?]
They burry me and all they need is assumption
Never boy long gone, make your reduction, function
f**k a rap game, I leave emotions
Stuff filling up [?]
What the f**k you gonna say? get it off bitch?
What you plan to do instead? are you lost bitch?
You expecting me to care? like your life’s shit
Motherf**kers start a fire, let me get a whiff
Burning always in the [?] in the first place
Everything sucks, nobody got damn taste
This the result of f**kin’ over niggas everyday
And realizing you now f**ked up-

[Verse 2 – Ghostie]
Yo I heard you was a rapper?
Yeah bruh, f**kin’ right, I’m f**king tight
Feeling nuts, but i’m about to write tonight
Recently inspired, to create fire
Ah shit! where you from? have you seen the wire
Honestly, i’m tired of hearing all the tracks
Bitch you tryna be cool, but he looking like a faggot
Done with you maggots, now I focus on you roaches
Whining about “your cool”, but I know that you are bogus
They gettin’ at little bro, when they thought I wouldn’t notice
Built to destroy, boy thats my main focus
Half tons of ammo, [?]
All these niggas weird, and yeah you better notice
Spendin’ lot of time second guessing my ability
Found myself, by my sound than I found my enemy
Recently accepted anger, then I discovered energy
Looked up, look ahead than I saw my f**kin’ team
Throw dubs up, that’s what I wanna see
Hands up high like you got stopped by police
No more pity for a coward
Tick tock! just lost an hour
I don’t want a bitch I want power
All of yall know who I am, now what?
None of you exist in my head
None of you hustle with me
None of you gettin’ my bread
None of you know how to be
None of you are welcome here, yeah!
Next time you flex i’mma break ya damn neck
Shouts out to josh, john and my nigga [?]
All, we the best, yes, hell to the yes
Test us, guess what? f**ked up is what you get
Nigga call me [?]
All black lurking, up in the dark
Ain’t sit yet, but prepare for the hurt PUSSY!

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