Sybyr – Boost Lyrics

Ayy, ayy‚ ayy
Ayy‚ Landfill

Yuh-yuh‚ movin’ slower, I’ma need me a boost
Anti-World busy being a nuisance
Don’t give a f**k what ya old dude doing
Busy with the business, make ’em go “Oowee”
Stacking up everything like it’s a debt
Got me looking silly‚ like a cadet
Representation of modern suburbia
People-pleasing ’til they no longer heard of ya
f**k all that noise, rather be in my old shit
All in my bag, I ain’t buying more dumb shit
Throw the shit out like it’s trash day
Roaches all over the crib as a freshman
f**k doing work‚ rather make me a banger
Wrote so much shit on the side with the anger
Couldn’t imagine these plays on the worst days
Now I just hand over leverage, like “Okay”
I could give less of a f**k if I’m cancelled
Get me f**ked up you gon’ flick like a candle
Nowadays hold your career like a ransom
Should’ve kept swinging like a barred out dancer
Talk about rage, you ain’t even seen a quarter
Waiting ’til you f**k up, zoom to the border
Wasting time taking these orders
Suck outta me, my mental disorder

Ayy, ayy, E, ayy-ayy-ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy, E, ayy-ayy-ayy, ayy

Drinking Vanilla Fanta, bitch
I don’t need the lean for shit
Just take the dick, just take the dick
My pants not green but it’s makin’ ’em sick

Ayy, ayy, E, ayy-ayy-ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy, E, ayy-ayy-ayy, ayy

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