Sybyr – Hey You There, Descipher This Lyrics

Ayy dawg, I swear to god
This is all you’re gonna get ’til shit changes (f**k!)
‘Til this shit changes, this is all you’re gonna get dawg (Yeah)
I ain’t even sorry (Aye)
f**k you, welcome to hell bitch (Uh, huh)

I’m the fully slayer I go on so f**kin’ often (There ya go)
I’m not full, no bread bitch, had to get it, had to rob ’em
I’m not for the straddles, I ain’t even got a problem
f**k the weight and truth bitch I don’t like to wait at all
No, I don’t know what to say
How to feel, what you think?
f**k the shit, let it sink
We gon’ break these niggas brain
Finna pay me for the rest, I put more f**ks through everyday
Acting like I gave a shit about what niggas had to say

You ever feel like you got too much in your head, but you don’t really say much ‘n’ shit?
This is exactly what it is, you know?
I don’t even—
I don’t understand what the f**k is going on
I mean—I just—you know?
You pour so much into it until you don’t give a f**k no more
And that’s exactly what this is, you know?
Welcome to hell and this exactly what this is
Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome
We-we gon’ go—
We gon’ go deeper and its gon’ get worse
I swear to god, it will get f**king worse
I’m not f**king kidding to you

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