Sybyr – It’s Early. My Head Is Throbbing Lyrics

Yeah uh
Shut up
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy

[Verse 1]
You don’t want no convo’
But I already have it hard, f**king head throbbing
I don’t even give a shit, before I even start shit
I’m just gonna make a verse and sell them out for this clout shit
Ayy, my name is Syringe, dirty needle
My name is Syringe, as a rebel
I got so much shit for the f-eople
But they don’t wanna hear, that’s why I’m in here
If they wanna hear it they will hit my ass up
I do it my way, I’m don’t give a f**king way up
I don’t give one f**k
Body on the ground, I’m a f**kin’ runner-up
What you talking now?
Swear to god if I see that name again
I’ma stab you with a pen, see me in real life
Nigga, see me in real life
If you wanna keep up this bullshit strife
I said you can go see me real life
If you wanna keep up with your bullshit strife

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