Sybyr – Just A Lot Lyrics


I just talk, talk, talk
They just block, block, block
All this energy out of my f**king awh, awh, awh
They want mah-ah-ah
They want lah-ah-ah
They want something that’s so stronger than the lot-ot-ot

We get top (We get—)
On the drop (On the drop)
It don’t stop (It don’t stop)
This shit knock (Shit knock)
Get the sock (Get sock)
Plant rock (Plant rock)
Go rock (Go rock)
Turn that shit out at the end of the night, be like: “We do not talk”
Thinking that somebody pick up the phone, pick up the stock (Ayy)
I got the whole thing on me, thing on my sock (Ayy)
I got the whole program on lock, oh, no-no-no

I be out of my head, I be thinking I’m dead
Really ain’t nothing said
Took one full day, out of the bed
Gotta get this shit moving, gotta get it today (Huh? Yeah)

And it’s talk, talk, talk
They just walk, walk, walk
Down the block, block, block
They don’t stop, stop-top
‘Til there’s not-ot-ot (‘Til there’s not)
Nothing in the f**king the vicinity at all, all (All, all)

What you want? (What you want?)
Want from us? (Want from us?)
We just talking (We just talking)
That’s a must (That’s a must)
Thought it was a plus? (Thought it was a plus?)
I guess nots (I guess nots)
That shit nuts (That shit nuts)
Don’t touch your nuts (Don’t)
Don’t touch your—

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