Sybyr – Not From Sheboygan After All Lyrics

(Three O’ One)

Yeah it’s cold as a brick, ji cold as shit
No, I’m not from no Sheboygan but the Maryland (Three O’ One)
Watch her dance on all the hundreds, throw some twenties in (Twenties in)
Need a pea coat, chilly in these northern winds
I’m in the front, swinging a whip
We ’bout to crack, we ’bout to flip
Sip on the yak, you in the dark?
I’m in the back, not with the narcs
Pop on a pill, f**k how I feel
f**k having a grip, been ready to kill
I’m from the east like capitol hill
Racking on payment, let’s get to the bills (Let’s get it)
Throw that shit back on the bed, let’s get it (Get it)
‘Bout to get another f**king check, gotta get it (Get it)
Blow it like the motherf**king roof (Doo-doo)
All the way to Timbuktu (Boo-boo)
Acne on these jeans (Jeans), got no more Codeine (Codeine)
I’m just saying things like “no, I don’t wear no Supreme” (Uh)

Ming, ming
Yuh, yuh, ming, ming, yuh
Yuh, yuh, ming, ming
Yuh, yuh, ming, ming

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