Sybyr – Sense Of Time Lyrics (feat. Win32)

[Intro: Sybyr]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Sybyr]
There’s no sense of time, very blurred line, ain’t it? (Yeah)
Wakin’ up 7PM, puttin’ strain on the world outside
Dry my eyes, how the f**k am I crying? Life be super vibrant
Myriad of trial and error in different areas
Cooking ravioli but feinding into these pastas
I can’t help myself until garbage dripping on pavement
Save it, no-no, really, save it, waiting, patience
Hard to be so patient, hard to be so patient
Wait a minute? Init?

[Verse 2: win32]
Hard to be so patient
I’m getting tired of just sitting here and waiting
Married to the money so my life feels so vacant
Me and all my niggas, I believe that we will make it
I be up early for the bag that I’m chasin’
Man, I feel my life gettin’ wasted
Man, I feel so dead, I need to stop gettin’ faded
Never trust these lames, I can spot all the hatred
How you f**kin’ hatin’ from the motherf**kin’ basement?

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