Sybyr – Tune That Makes Me Sad Lyrics

Found me laying on some sweaters when you in the room
While we at it show we rowdy cuz that’s what we do
Professional at being hated from your life and view
Best not f**k with me your demons will come finding you

Smellin like I’ve farted
Shit should’ve reached your face
Bitch my name is ringe
Currently leaking flames
What the f**k you say?
Repeat that thought in your damn brain
Finna capture infinity while you speak my name
Slippin down drink mixing gasoline with propane
World is cloudy and I love it
f**k what you think?
All excuses for this bullshit is just insane
What the f**k you doing?
Imma drag you to [?]
World is so [?] you can’t [?]
One second off and I’m [?]
[?] woods like a captain
[?] ain’t shit happenin
There’s nobody here
Standing around here looking feared
I’ll just save time
Im f**ked in mind
[?] breaking, i hear your shaking
I’m not a legend
I’m my ascension
Dont f**k with me or we’ll both end up in a grave

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