Sybyr – Workhorsing Lyrics

Ah heh huh
Ah heh huh
That’s weird
Uh heh hem
Ah huh
Oh yeah
Syrin- Syringe

[Verse 1]
Trying to find something to make it in my head (Head)
Most of the time I think it’d add a self a braindead (Braindead)
That could be restraining my reasoning for most of this (This)
Not looking for no damn advice, I’d rather let my fingers shed (Shed)
Speaking a clue and hoping that you’d get the f**king message (Message)
Mentally f**ked until I’m at that place till then I’m reckless
Working so fast you can not catch a play your making messes
Don’t play the tame one and let you walking with the arm around it (Around it)
f**king it up
Nobody is really understanding
Day after day I’m always full of coughing I ejected
Don’t clear your eyes when you can’t brutalize the f**king message
Sound of Irritation came and went like call erasing

[Verse 2]
Hell nah, hell nah
Smelling like trashcans
Smelling the fish then I throw it away
Check out the date (Aye)
f**k a couple years
f**k a couple breathes
Motherf**king get to f**king killing shit
Damn I am
Now I wonder though what to do next (Aye)
f**k bitch I’m stuck
In a place like a dodge
Imma get all advice
Shut the bullshit f**king boring (Aye)
Out of the drugs
f**k all the Xanax
f**k all the dealing with dumb shit
f**k up some dumb shit mattress
f**k a little mattress (Yeah)
f**king gon’ rap my own
Bitch I make fun of the churches (What)
f**k all their churches
Praying to Satan
What are they going to do for you?

Yeah ah ah ah ah
Yeah ah uh
Ah uh uh
f**k this
f**k THIS

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