Sybyr – Yep Lyrics

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, ah ha ha
Ay, yo, shut up
Why you always screaming every goddamn day, bruh?
Damn, all the f**king-
I outta come down and shove my f**king, my, my fist in your goddamn speakers, bruh
Or I’ll shove my di-
Genshin, go back to hell

Oh my god, f**k a hook
f**k a hook, f**k a hook, f**k a hook, f**k a hook, f**k a hook
I’m tired, Jeez

I don’t wanna use autotune, motherf**k all that shit
Little bitch, what you even tryna say to me?
What you tryna say to me?
Ay, if I’m cancerous, explain everything in life, little bitch, ay
Everything you make is [?], little bitch, ay
Nickname my sailor jacket ’cause I’m feeling it, ay
And all of you don’t know a thing about it f**k
Get all this of f**king little face
f**king my conscience open, open my suitcase
[?] anyway
All you niggas black and will get left but I won’t feel shit
You f**king happy, bitch? [?]
On my dick
Give a f**k about a bitch
Give a f**k about this shit
Nigga, I’m running this, ay

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