Sybyr – You Just Need To Be Tamed Lyrics

Smoking on bushels, tobacco just fryin’ my lungs
Taste like coal on the tongue
Ask me what I’m on, I’m sitting down on a mound
I don’t manage, but, if shawty wanna hold it down
This all I got, got no probation
I’ma drink, I hate the taste, but shit be filling
All the shit I’m dealing
Man, I’m scrapping for the feeling
All that goddamn drama over clout is just retarded
Don’t care ’bout who started, just a circus full of problems
They just itchin’ for a fixing ’cause I got me a plate
Always hate, ’cause we got in early, time to close the gates
You got fake, but just really hurt, I hear it from ya’ face
What’s a life without little pain? Running in a race
I got tired, of the same thing, so I made a lane
It is flooded, from these plain lames, that could be a shame
Ears ringing, like the phone rang
Y’all cannot sang, nor shout
You need a little neuter, you just need to be tamed

Ming, ming, ming
Ming, ming, ming
Ming, ming, ming
Ming, ming, ming
Deal With It, ayy, you f**king Deal With It

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