Springboard to the industry. The All-Russian Olympiad in AI has begun

Story National projects On July 1, the training stage of the All-Russian Olympiad in Artificial Intelligence for schoolchildren in grades 8-11 started. The Olympiad is held thanks to the federal project “Artificial Intelligence” national project “Digital Economy”.  How to participate?  Interest in artificial intelligence technologies is rapidly growing in the world, new digital formats and

Digital breakthrough. The championship for AI specialists started in Yaroslavl

On June 15 Yaroslavl, the regional championship started under the project  Digital Breakthrough. Season: artificial intelligence. Within a month, participants from all over the country in an online format will solve the problem of building a model for predicting the development of a patient's cardiovascular disease from a start-up of the winners of the “Digital Breakthrough” “Forward”. During the opening

“We create a monster with our own hands.” What will happen when AI becomes smarter than us?

On May 3, 1997, in New York, on the 35th floor of the Equitable Building, a chess match began between world champion Garry Kasparovand the Deep Blue supercomputer. It was their second duel, the grandmaster won the first one. But this time the car turned out to be stronger: the match, which consisted of six games, ended

Covid-19: AI crew upset with medical facilities

Air India (AI) crew members operating flights to fly Indians and foreigners to their homes — have sought proper medical and prevention facilities from the airline. Employees of all categories have requested to allow home testing for staff members and their family members. The employees are reportedly upset with AI medical dept’s handling of the

AI says people snubbing crew who went abroad

Air India is sending special flights to fly Indians stranded in corona hotspots like Wuhan and Italy. While being the only Indian carriers doing so is winning applause from all quarters, the crew operating these flights have been facing troubles at home — from RWAs (resident welfare associations) neighbours. They are being socially ostracised and

Likybo – Chances Make Champions Lyrics

[Intro] AyeJK It’s LikyBo in this thing, man, shout out all my brothers MBO, AI, we all in (You know how we rockin’, man) Look [Verse 1] If chances make champions, I’ma risk it all Sittin’ in the county with Ryan like, “Bruh, it’s time to ball” Let’s add up all these numbers, see what it’s gon’ cost The

Reh Dogg – Bust The Trust lyrics

(Intro) This song is for Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft Did I say Amazon yeah there the biggest offenders They’re all monopolies yeah (Verse) Amazon is a company filled with liberal fucks Bought up Whole Foods, Washington Post now their buying up Toys r Us under a sister name FTC you need to do your

Nana Mizuki – Rush & Dash!

Totsuzen korondari shita Te ni hana nanka nigirishimeteite sa ASUFARUTO no nukumori ga Sou wasureteita mono wo samashite yuku Yaritai koto nante Subete dekiru jidai dakara hashittekou! AI toka YUME toka kataru himanai! Tada asu e to kaketeku Ooki na SHIAWASE tsukamitai ATASHI It’ll open by the RUSH! Ikiru imi wo kangaeta Demo kotae wa