Cheaper oil, foreign flows a tailwind for rupee

India’s rupee, among Asia’s worst-performing currencies this year, could be the fastest in the region to rally as the world restarts economic activities after the coronavirus pandemic, oil prices weaken and the US dollar eases broadly, analysts said. The partially convertible Indian rupee has lost nearly 7% so far this year, despite dollar supplying intervention.

UK court refuses Anil Ambani’s plea to appeal

Business tycoon Anil Ambani has had his application to appeal a $100 million (Rs 753 crore) conditional order refused by the UK Court of Appeal. Ambani, the brother of one of Asia’s richest men, had been ordered at a February 7 hearing to pay the court $100 million by 4 pm local time (9.30 pm

Mukesh Ambani loses Asia’s richest tag to Jack Ma in $5.8 billion rout

Mukesh Ambani is no longer Asia’s richest man, relinquishing the title to Jack Ma after oil prices collapsed along with global stocks. The rout, exacerbated by mounting fears that the spread of the novel coronavirus will thrust the world into a recession, erased $5.8 billion from Ambani’s net worth on Monday and pushed him to

Indians set for smallest salary hike in a decade

Companies will increase average pay by 9.1% in 2020, down from 9.3% in 2019 and 9.5% the previous year, Aon Plc said in a report published on Tuesday. The small increase reflects a deep slowdown in Asia’s third-largest economy, where growing pessimism about job prospects have led many to cut down on consumption — the

Vant – Parasite Lyrics

[Verse 1] Baby I’m more common than you’ll ever believe From Texas, Mississippi to the Evergreens I’ve been to Asia via Russia, sailed the seven seas I’m a pauper, high-roller, earthquake, summer breeze [Chorus] I’m a parasite, I’ll keep you up at night I’ll haunt your dreams I’m a nematode, I can kill you I

Negativland – God Bull Lyrics

[Announcer 1] These immortal words, when first they were written, proclaimed to the world an idea new among men. This was the American dream, the prayer for the future We pay tribute here not to a man who lived a century ago, but to an individual who lives today in the hearts of all freedom-loving

Ermal Meta – Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente (feat. Fabrizio Moro) lyrics

[Strofa 1: Ermal Meta] A Il Cairo non lo sanno che ore sono adesso Il sole sulla Rambla oggi non è lo stesso In Francia c’è un concerto, la gente si diverte Qualcuno canta forte, qualcuno grida “A morte” A Londra piove sempre ma oggi non fa male Il cielo non fa sconti neanche a

Sony Teams Up With Tencent For Asian Dance Label

In an ‘east meets west’ situation like no other, Sony Music Entertainment has teamed up with Chinese tech conglomerate giant Tencent’s music department Tencent Music Entertainment Group to launch a joint electronic dance label Liquid State.  Liquid State will feature electronic and EDM artists both within Asia and abroad, with EDM superstar Alan Walker, known for his massive Asian fanbase, and Asian-American

Corporate Avenger – Evolved Lyrics

CORPORATE AVENGEREvolved Lyrics Indians are not chinamen, some books contain lies. If man had evolved from apes, there would be no more apes. It has been said and written over and over again that the first north Americans followed migrations of animals on a land bridge from asia into the north America due to exposed

Russ – The Best Party

[Verse] Honolulu views sippin on some fresh guava Bumping always knew and thinkin’ ’bout my next comma I put my thoughts into the world until they come true You chase women I’m the one that they run to "Russ moves smart this is something you could learn from" Rappers pay attention maybe you can finally