J Kennelley – Bad Influence lyrics

[Verse 1] J Kennelley baby yea Half past Seven o’clock an Nobody talkin Then you jus walked in Hopin dat I can pop it Louis V rockin Said she jus stopped in Flexin got bandies in her little Gucci wallet An She boutta get lit Yea she boutta kill it Dancin for a livin I

Jacquees – Just The Intro (Since You Playin Album)

(Yeah, yeah, yeah) And we’re going off (Oooh) Ha! It’s Jacquees [Monolouge] I know a lot of ya’ll love my music You know what I’m saying, love the way I do, love the way I dress,love the way I [?] But I think It’s time I introduce myself as a man shawty you get what